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Soft Robotic Glove Study

Researchers at the Wyss Institute are developing a soft wearable device to assist with motion and function for adults with limited use of one or both hands.

During this research study, participants will be asked to assist by providing information about strength and range of motion, and testing the device components.

Watch the video below to learn more about the soft robotic glove study.

One session may last up to three hours. Participants may volunteer for multiple sessions. Participants will also receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card per visit. Compensation for travel expenses is also available.

Location: Wyss Institute at Harvard University, Longwood Medical Area, Boston MA

Eligible Participants:

  • Are between 18-70 years old
  • Have an upper extremity impairment affecting strength or range of motion on one or both side
  • Are otherwise healthy
  • Are comfortable with having study visits photographed and/or videotaped
  • Participants may be eligible if they are able to produce motion in their affected hand or not.

For more information or to determine your eligibility, contact:, or 617-432-8227

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