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Nikolaos Dimitrakakis, M.Eng., M.S.

Engineer I

Nikolaos Dimitrakakis, M.Eng., M.S.

Niko, with his versatile and rich academic background, holds a unique blend of knowledge and expertise in the areas of drug delivery systems, mathematical modeling, and biostatistics. At the Wyss Institute, he primarily focuses on Immuno-materials and developing innovative therapeutic delivery solutions. His commitment to his work is reflected in his active contributions to different projects, where he has also honed his skills in pre-clinical data modeling and genomic data analysis. Within the Institute’s Immuno-materials platform, Niko has been instrumental in fabricating and characterizing innovative drug delivery systems that address a range of unmet therapeutic needs, often in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies. Niko’s problem-solving philosophy values simplicity and resourcefulness. Leveraging his extensive quantitative training in chemical engineering, he harbors a keen interest in exploring the pharmacometrics, particularly in relation to the drug delivery mechanisms he develops.

Beyond his technical and translational contributions, Niko is active in the academic community, serving as the Review Editor for Frontiers in Chemical Engineering – Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering and reviewing grants for the French National Research Agency (ANR). He is also an expert on Biomaterials for the European Commission’s research platform and has conducted over 70 peer reviews for 20 distinct journals, while publishing in high-impact journals.

Niko is equally passionate about mentorship and education. His active involvement in initiatives like the “Dana-Farber’s SPARC” mentoring program and mentoring roles at the Wyss Institute exemplify his dedication to nurturing the next generation of researchers.

Niko earned his MEng in Chemical Engineering from Aristotle University, his MSc in Biomedical Engineering from Tufts, and completed a year of specialized training in Applied Biostatistics at the Harvard Catalyst Biostatistics program.

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