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Sanjid Shahriar, Ph.D.

Scientist II

Sanjid Shahriar, Ph.D.

Sanjid Shahriar received his Ph.D. in Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine from Columbia University, where his research combined cell biology, molecular, in vivo, and transcriptomic approaches to determine mechanisms of pathogenic angiogenesis in multiple sclerosis. Through numerous collaborations, Sanjid also investigated retinal vascular development, in vitro human blood-brain barrier (BBB) models, ultrasound-mediated BBB opening, and BBB disruption following ischemic stroke.

As a staff scientist at the Wyss Institute, Sanjid continues to pursue his interest in vascular biology, using computational approaches to help identify novel targets for transport across the BBB. Sanjid also works on disease biomarker discovery at the Wyss, utilizing his expertise in multi-omics to uncover novel diagnostic tools.

Sanjid received his BSc (Hon) in Biology and Biotechnology from the University of Toronto and his Master’s in Biotechnology from Columbia University.

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