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Milenko Jovan Tanasijevic, M.D., M.B.A.

Clinician, Researcher, and Entrepreneur

Milenko Jovan Tanasijevic, M.D., M.B.A.

Milenko is an innovative and renowned clinician, researcher, and entrepreneur with 30+ years’ experience as the Vice Chair of Clinical Pathology and Director of Clinical Laboratories at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and as an Associate Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School. He is a co-founder of Cell Imaging Systems and LabDx Advising and has served as a senior adviser for numerous in vitro diagnostics companies.

At the Wyss Institute, Milenko is a member of the Wyss Mentor Hive who is advising Wyss investigators on identifying unmet clinical needs and laboratory applications for their novel diagnostics platforms and biomarkers.

The Wyss Mentor Hive is a mentoring program that invites investors and business professionals with significant early stage translational experience, clinical and regulatory experts in driving therapeutic and device development, and serial entrepreneurs with a track record of success to work closely with Wyss entrepreneur teams on startup formation and technology commercialization. Mentors provide feedback to founders and entrepreneurs, while also demonstrating commitment and leadership in the Wyss innovation community.

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