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Steve Rosen, Ph.D.

Scientific Innovation Leader in Healthcare

Steve Rosen, Ph.D.

During his 35 year career in the medical device and pharmaceutical fields, Steve has focused on Innovation for companies such as Imclone Systems, BD, Roche Diagnostics, Johnson and Johnson and Novartis, as well as starting his own management consulting firm focused on the performance of due diligence and transactions. Steve regards himself as a generalist who is able to integrate innovative science in the context of healthcare systems as complex business ecosystems with multiple stakeholders. He is passionate about working with small companies and driving their success through the use of focused strategies and the efficient use of capital.

Steve received his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Brandeis University and his Ph.D. from The Sacker Institute of Biomedical Science at New York University Medical Center while studying abnormalities in immunoglobulin gene expression in human B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders.

In his most recent role at Johnson and Johnson based in the Boston Innovation Center, Steve was responsible for identifying external opportunities in partnership with their Global External Innovation network to accelerate the development of an innovative portfolio of projects, assets and solutions in support of disease prevention, interception and cure. He also led a new exploratory cross J&J sector venture to treat cancers using surgical robotics and drug therapy guided by precision medicine approaches.

Steve has an extensive background in oncology clinical and biomarker development and commercial strategy, as well as business development. He joined J&J from Elucida Oncology Inc, a precision medicines business where he served as VP, Business Development, driving business strategy including in-licensing, out-licensing and raising capital while also managing strategic alliances. He previously worked at Novartis as Oncology Commercial Pipeline Leader where he had responsibility for the strategic direction of the global personalized medicine scientific and commercial approach for Phase I through III compounds in the oncology pipeline. Previously, at Johnson and Johnson, Steve spent 14 years in positions of increasing responsibility within Ortho Clinical diagnostics/Veridex/Therakos including business development and technology assessment roles in the area of clinical biomarker and diagnostics.

His breadth and depth of expertise across the R&D spectrum together with his business development and commercial experiences are well-suited to accelerating opportunities that serve to drive scientific, clinical and commercial innovation in treating, preventing and intercepting diseases.

At the Wyss Institute, Steve is a member of the Wyss Mentor Hive who specializes in diagnostics, therapeutics, external innovation, partnership and commercial strategy, and business plan development.

The Wyss Mentor Hive is a mentoring program that invites investors and business professionals with significant early stage translational experience, clinical and regulatory experts in driving therapeutic and device development, and serial entrepreneurs with a track record of success to work closely with Wyss entrepreneur teams on startup formation and technology commercialization. Mentors provide feedback to founders and entrepreneurs, while also demonstrating commitment and leadership in the Wyss innovation community.

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