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Nikolaos Dimitrakakis, M.S., M.Eng.

Associate Biostatistician & Data Analyst

Nikolaos Dimitrakakis (Niko) joined the Wyss in May 2014 as a Visiting Research Fellow and in May 2015 he became an Associate Biostatistician and Data Analyst. Niko has a versatile background; he holds a M.Eng in Chemical Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and a M.Sc in Biomedical Engineering from Tufts University (recipient of the Gerondelis Foundation Award, Lynn, MA). At the Wyss, Niko is providing the mathematical framework to validate, model, and interpret experimental results. His previous experimental activities allow him to work closely and communicate effectively with researchers and physicians across a wide array of scientific disciplines and be able to understand precisely the experimental set up and facilitate their biomedical research. Currently, Niko’s main research activities include but are not limited to a) applying statistical and computational methods to analyze pre-clinical data and develop predictive models for Sepsis b) using machine learning techniques to identify and model immune tolerance biomarkers, thus producing invaluable feedback for the design of subsequent experimental studies. His primary contribution has been in performing biostatistical analyses across various studies at the Wyss, which are included in key publications. In November 2014, Niko was elected as Appointed Secretary at the Hellenic Bio-Scientific Association in the USA.

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