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Jonelle Prill-Tate

Associate Director of Strategic Engagement

Jonelle Prill-Tate

Each day the Wyss Institute discovers new breakthrough technologies that have the potential to dramatically improve our world within our own lifetimes, and need support to leave the lab to realize that potential. Strategic Engagement works with philanthropic visionaries to ensure that our vibrant community of scientists, clinicians, business leaders, and futurists have the support and freedom they need to conduct this critical interdisciplinary work through innovation and entrepreneurship.

As the Associate Director of Strategic Engagement, Jonelle manages the Institute’s relationships with companies, foundations, and family offices to identify areas of mutual interest and mobilize resources to drive real-world change. She also disseminates the impact of Wyss’ unique model and its proven success to the wider philanthropic community and stewards the Institute’s collaborative partnerships.

Prior to joining the Wyss, Jonelle served at philanthropic institutions focused on health and human services including Combined Jewish Philanthropies, Center to Advance Consumer Partnership at Commonwealth Care Alliance, New England Baptist Hospital, and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. With 20 years of experience in philanthropic management, Jonelle joined the Wyss to support the critical need for investment into new discoveries and accelerate the development of real-time solutions to our global community’s needs.

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