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Andyna Vernet, B.S., A.L.A.T.

Research Assistant, Wyss Phlebotomist

Andyna supports projects as a certified Registered Animal Laboratory Assistant Technician (ALAT). After graduating with a B.S. in Biology, Andyna worked as a Research Animal Specialist where she gained translational research experience by providing husbandry and post-operative care to laboratory animals. In 2010, Andyna transitioned to clinical work as a medical research laboratory technician where she carried out cytology, chemistry and histology for different animal projects at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her primary role at the Wyss Institute includes breeding colony management, aiding surgical protocols, providing post-operative care, performing health rounds, and providing technical support in rodent bio-methodology. Andyna also provides in-vitro assay support to key institute projects and maintains a phlebotomy certification, which enables her to assist with IRB protocols.

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