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Marika Ziesack

Visiting Scholar

Marika Ziesack

Dr. Marika Ziesack is a Visiting Scholar at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. With over a decade of expertise in synthetic biology and metabolic engineering, she has made significant contributions to microbiome research and bioprocesses for sustainable manufacturing.

As a co-founder of the climate-tech startup Circe Bioscience, along with Prof. Pamela Silver and Dr. Shannon Nangle, Dr. Ziesack extended her innovative work from her PhD in Prof. Silver’s laboratory to a thriving business. Serving as Circe’s Chief Technology Officer, she strategically led technology development, managed a technical team of fifteen, and played a pivotal role in fundraising, securing a notable $3M ARPA-E ECOSynBio grant. Her efforts in establishing a robust IP strategy resulted in six patents, enhancing the company’s competitive edge. Additionally, she spearheaded the development of key commercial and strategic partnerships and represented Circe in various high-level business engagements.

At the Wyss Institute, Dr. Ziesack leverages her extensive experience in fundraising, company formation, project management, and networking to advance the Sustainability Initiative, furthering the institute’s mission in creating bio-inspired solutions to environmental challenges.

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