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Wyss Onboarding Information

Welcome to the Wyss!

We are thrilled that you joined the Wyss community and are ready to help make a positive near-term impact in the world.

The resources on this page are to help you with the onboarding process – things to do or be aware of prior to your first day and on your first day, as well as additional onboarding information and information for our international members. Please feel free to reach out directly at any point in the onboarding process if you have any questions.

Academic Affairs Team:

Human Resources Team:

New Hire Checklist

  • Prior to your first day

    • Complete the new hire paperwork which was sent by your Academic Affairs or HR contact.
    • Please reach out to your new supervisor to request contact information (e.g., cell phone, office phone, email, etc.) to ensure you are able to reach your supervisor and team. This is extremely helpful for planning your first day in the office or if you have any questions while working through your onboarding.

    Speak with your supervisor regarding the following items:

    • Computer needs (PC, MAC, specific software, etc.)
    • Request a PC or Mac from Wyss IT. Your supervisor will need to approve this equipment. Please make sure to CC them on this email.
    • Confirm your work location and your Fjord details. Contact your direct supervisor who will help allocate space (Lab Bench, Lab Desk, Cubicle Number, etc.) and confirm your Fjord leader. As a note, there are 15 Fjords at the Wyss and it is important that we ensure you are assigned to the correct group.

    Request online safety training

    • New Hires MUST complete online safety training prior to receiving Wyss access.
    • On your first day, please reach out to Simonetta “Sim” Piergentili to request online safety training.  In the email make sure to include your first and last name, start date, Harvard ID number, email address and your PI / supervisor.
    • Once you’ve completed your online safety training please email Sim for next steps.

    Review policies

  • First steps to complete on your first day

    Please note that onboarding may take up to two weeks so please make sure to work with your supervisor to come up with a schedule for the first days at home.

    • Ensure you know your Harvard ID number (HUID). You will receive this from Academic Affairs or Human Resources.
    • Request a HarvardKey. HarvardKey is Harvard University’s unified online user credential, uniquely identifying you to Harvard IT applications and services to grant you access to the resources you use every day. Please do not delay your HarvardKey and HMS ID account activation as this will significantly disrupt the onboarding process.
    • Verify that you can sign into Harvard’s SharePoint site. Use your Harvard Key or HMS account to sign in. If you can’t sign in, please contact Viet Nguyen and include a screen shot.
    • Activate your HMS account. You will receive an email from Harvard IT with an account username and activation code which will be needed to register your account. If you do not receive this activation email within 1 week of your start date, or if you have trouble registering your account, please contact HMS IT at 617-432-2000 or If you are affiliated with HSDM, contact HSDM support at
    • Complete the online safety training instructions you received from Simonetta “Sim” Piergentili.

    Obtaining your new IDs

    • Request your Harvard ID
    • Pick up your “Base Building” ID: You can obtain your base building ID on your start date by showing a picture ID at the front desk of 201 Brookline.  This ID will allow you general building access.

    For benefits-eligible positions

    • Review the Harvard Benefits Guides. Please make sure to sign up for your Harvard Benefits within your first 30 days at Harvard University. You will not be eligible to sign up for benefits after this date unless it is open enrollment period or have a significant life event (e.g., marriage, etc.).
  • Once you receive your HMS ID or HarvardKey

    Enroll in MessageMe, which will enable you to receive text, cell phone, and email messages in the event of campus emergencies.

    Sign up for Wyss Institute emails using your work email address to ensure you receive updates about Wyss internal news and events.

    Bookmark the Wyss Institute Intranet Homepage for future reference and access to additional internal resources and information.

    In PeopleSoft

    • Make sure to review and sign the Harvard Confidentiality Agreement and the Massachusetts Department of Paid Family and Medical Leave (MA PFML). Both of these items are very important to review and sign off on.
    • Log into PeopleSoft and confirm your home address.
    • Enroll in direct deposit. Please note that delivery of checks is routinely delayed.

    For hourly employees

    If you are paid hourly (e.g. temps, LHTs, RAs) you will need to submit a weekly timesheet in PeopleSoft. Please review the instructions on how to enter weekly hours for temporary & non-exempt Wyss employees.

    Orientation for Staff Members

    • You are invited to register for the Harvard Longwood Campus Orientation and Networking Event that takes place virtually once a month from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. This event will introduce you to some of the resources here on the HLC campus, discuss training and development opportunities, and encourage networking with fellow colleagues within the community. You will receive an email reminder about the event asking you to sign up after your first day.

    Orientation for Postdoctoral Fellows

    • The HMS/HSDM Office for Postdoctoral Fellows organizes orientations every 6 weeks for new postdocs. The postdoc orientation is an important opportunity for new postdocs to obtain the necessary resources they need for living and working in and around the HMS/HSDM community. Register for the Postdoc Orientation to learn about the administrative systems at HMS/HSDM and Harvard, research offices and policies, and receive a broad overview and explanation of the many benefits of working at Harvard.

    For employees who need access to our procurement system

    For employees who will be working in the lab

    • Request the Wyss Lab Orientation. Mike Carr will then reach out to you to schedule.
    • You will need to be trained and added to a COMS (Committee on Microbiological Safety) registration prior to working with biological materials. This step is required. You may not order any specimens or biologics before you have been added to a COMS.
    • Email your supervisor and Dionna Williams to let them know once COMS training has been completed.
  • Additional Information for International Members

    For Harvard-sponsored visas only

    • Please make sure to check in with the Harvard International Office (HIO) as soon as possible if your visa has been sponsored by Harvard. This is extremely important. Please visit the HIO’s website regarding registration and follow the instructions to ensure that you have been properly checked in and to ensure that your SEVIS record will not become invalid.
    • For J-1 Student Interns – Interns must present their passport, DS-2019, and fully signed DS-7002 to the HIO in order to be eligible to register their arrival. If an intern comes to the HIO without the signature from the internship’s supervisor on the DS-7002, they will not be permitted to register and will be asked to return with the signed document. Interns are provided with detailed instructions that they must bring these documents to the HIO to register.

    Social Security Information

    If you do not have a social security number, please apply for your SSN through Harvard.

    Paid International Members of the community (GLACIER)

    • You will be receiving an email from the Harvard GLACIER office with information to complete your US Federal and State tax forms. You will receive an email directly from this office and you should complete the questionnaire. This is very important as you may have more taxes withheld from your paycheck than are necessary until you complete this questionnaire.
    • If you do not receive this email, please reach out to or visit their website.

    Quick links:

    For more information, please visit the Wyss International Site.

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