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Wyss software licensed for hospital
bedside data collection

Bedside data–acquisition software developed by the Wyss will be commercialized by a recently formed startup company, MediCollector LLC. The announcement follows a worldwide license agreement between Harvard’s Office of Technology Development (OTD) and MediCollector


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    • cancer cell

      Coaxing cancer cells back to normal

      In Nature Cancer Reviews, Wyss Founding Director Donald Ingber describes how factors influencing tumor development such as gene expression variability and physical cellular forces could one day be leveraged in future therapeutic interventions

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  • knottyobjects

    through design

    At Knotty Objects, an MIT Media Lab summit, Wyss Core Faculty member George Church and Wyss Technology Development Fellow Kevin Esvelt imagined a future in which metabolic engineering and innovative organic design might help stabilize the Earth's deteriorating atmosphere and biodiversity

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  • Joel Segal

    Manufacturing Process Developments for Bioprinting
    & Tissue Engineering

    July 30, 2015

    Joel Segal, Investigator from the University of Nottingham, will discuss two main areas of manufacturing process development to support bioprinting activities and the electrospinning of cell scaffolds

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We've won a Webby Award!

Wyss Institute is proud to announce our win in the 2012
Webby Awards in the Science category.