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What if we could make water tough?

A team of experts in mechanics, materials science, and tissue engineering at the Wyss Institute are honing extremely stretchy and tough hydrogel that may pave the way to replacing damaged cartilage in human joints


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  • organs-on-chips

    Wyss Institute's technology translation engine launches
    'Organs-on-Chips' company

    Creation of new startup demonstrates value of Institute’s unique model for de-risking technologies before transferring them to the marketplace Read more

  • Anopheles stephensi mosquito

    New genome editing strategy

    Cross-disciplinary team led by Wyss Institute Technology Development Fellow Kevin Esvelt, Core Faculty member George Church, and others launches public conversation in Science and eLife about an emerging technology that could help control insect-borne disease and invasive species Read more

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  • Philip Tinnefeld

    DNA Origami meets Single Molecule Fluorescence

    July 29, 2014

    Philip Tinnefeld from TU Braunschweig will explain how his team uses DNA origami as a biophysical tool to enhance single-molecule assays

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Wyss Institute is a winner of the 2012 Webby Awards in the Science category.