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Wyss Institute launches
'Organs-on-Chips' company

Creation of new startup demonstrates value of Institute's unique model for de–risking technologies before transferring them to the marketplace


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  • DNA-brick self-assembly method

    Ambitious DNA crystal designs realized

    Wyss Institute Core Faculty members Peng Yin and William Shih have manufactured the first large DNA crystals with prescribed depths and complex features, which are more than 1000 times larger than particles they have already successfully built using programmable, self-assembling DNA nanotechnology Read more

  • Cellular forces

    Molecular probe tracks cellular forces

    Multi-institutional collaborators, led by Wyss Institute Associate Faculty Member Christopher Chen, developed a new probe that uses hairpin-shaped, single-strand DNA to detect how much force cells exert on their environment. Measuring cell traction forces is key to understanding how cells signal biological processes ranging from fundamental cell division to embryonic development. Read more

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  • George Church

    Adapting Species to a Changing World

    Oct 15, 2014

    Wyss Institute Core Faculty member George Church will discuss how advances in genome editing require thoughtful consideration of complex system interactions

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