Disruptive: Wyss Institute Podcast

What breakthroughs are possible
by modifying an organism’s genome?

Listen: Terrence McNally speaks with Wyss Institute Core Faculty members Pam Silver and George Church as they discuss the high-impact benefits of their work, as well as how they prevent unintended consequences


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    • Drones

      Civilian Drones
      of the Future

      Wyss Core Faculty member Rob Wood has co-authored a new article in Nature with a five-year outlook on what progress needs to be made before drones can become widely adopted for numerous civilian uses, such as monitoring oil pipelines or delivering goods to remote locations Read More

  • Jennifer Lews

    Organs-on-chips are
    recognized as product
    design of the year

    The Wyss Institute's human organs-on-chips have been awarded the Best Product Design prize by London's Design Museum in its annual Designs of the Year Awards and Exhibition Read More

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  • Active Matter Summit

    Bioinspired Robotics:
    Softer, Smarter, Safer

    June 29, 2015

    Our 6th annual international symposium will focus on the recent development and near-term impact of bioinspired robots that self-organize, respond and adapt to their environment, enhance movement, and interact in a seamless way with humans to improve health and society

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We've won a Webby Award!

Wyss Institute is proud to announce our win in the 2012
Webby Awards in the Science category.