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Gene editing technology licensed
for human therapeutics

CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tools developed by Wyss Institute Core Faculty Member George Church and his collaborators have been licensed to Editas Medicine to develop therapies that could work by disrupting or modifying specific genes

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  • Radhika Nagpal

    Nagpal named one of "Nature's   10" in 2014

    Wyss Core Faculty member Radhika Nagpal, who is at the forefront of research in collective artificial intelligence, was recognized by Nature as one of the year's ten most influential scientists and engineers Read More

  • 3D Vaccine 2H

    Injectable 3D vaccines could fight cancer and infectious disease

    Using programmable biomaterial, Wyss Core Faculty member David Mooney and his research team have developed a minimally-invasive vaccine that can activate a powerful immune response Read More

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  • Diabetes

    Wyss Annual Diabetes Symposium
    Lower Extremity: Innovations and Discovery

    March 27, 2015

    This one-day symposium will promote better understanding of the unmet management needs of diabetic lower extremity complications and the new therapeutic approaches that are currently under development

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