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What are the next big robotic breakthroughs?

In part 2 of the Disruptive: Bioinspired Robotics episode, Wyss Founding Core Faculty Member Robert Wood discusses new manufacturing techniques that are enabling popup and soft robots


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From the Newsroom

    • Termite Mound

      Termite mounds could inspire 'green' building ventilation

      Wyss Core Faculty member
      L. Mahadevan has discovered termite mounds are built to leverage the day-night temperature cycle for air ventilation and maintaining control of the mound's internal "micro-climate"

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  • Cryogel

    Inciting an immune attack on cancer cells

    A new minimally invasive vaccine that combines cancer cells and immune-enhancing factors offers a promising strategy against patient-specific cancer cells

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  • organ-on-chip

    Revolutionizing Drug Discovery

    September 15, 2015

    Wyss Institute Founding Director Don Ingber shares how emulating human systems on microchips is changing the drug development process

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