Technologies in the Pipeline

Toward 3D Printed Living Tissues

Wyss Core Faculty member Jennifer Lewis and her team have developed a new 3D printing method that takes them one step closer to the goal of printing human tissue for drug testing and eventually tissue repair in the body


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From the Newsroom

  • Cockroach


    Wyss Institute's ex-postdoctoral fellow Ido Bachelet, currently assistant professor at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, his team, and Wyss Institute Senior Staff Daniel Levner have deployed DNA nano robots, pioneered at the Wyss Institute, in living cockroaches. Read more

  • President of Ecuador

    President of Ecuador visits Wyss Institute

    President Raphael Correa and cabinet members visited the Wyss Institute to learn about its unique model and technologies



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  • Plant Biology Symposium

    Robots: From Imagination to Market

    April 17, 2014

    Learn about the latest research in bioinspired robotics

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