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Biodesign: From Inspiration to Integration


The Wyss Institute’s Organs-on-Chips (Organ Chips) are featured in Biodesign: From Inspiration to Integration, an exhibition curated in collaboration with William Myers that marks the culmination of the Nature Lab’s 80th anniversary celebrations. The exhibition runs from Aug 25—Sept 27 and showcases recent examples of design and art that inform our complex relationship with nature and help us decipher how it may evolve in the future.

To launch the exhibition we are hosting a half-day symposium that brings together international artists, designers, scientists and educators for talks, discussions and presentations on topics such as valuing non-human forms of life as collaborators, artistic and scientific modes of inquiry, and ethical considerations in bioart and biodesign practices.

More information can be found at the exhibit website.

Biodesign: From Inspiration to Integration
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