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Convergence of Science and Engineering in Cancer


A leader in Convergence, MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research will, on June 16, present its 16th annual Summer Symposium: the Convergence of Science and Engineering in Cancer Research.

Convergence—the merging of historically distinct disciplines such as engineering, physics, computer science, chemistry, mathematics, and the life sciences—has created extraordinary opportunities in cancer research and care. Leaders in this emerging field will discuss innovative new approaches and technologies to better detect, monitor, treat, and prevent cancer. The symposium will also feature a panel of experts to discuss the impact of Convergence on the future of medical care.

Wyss Spotlight: Core Faculty member Jim Collins will give a talk called “Synthetic biology and next-generation diagnostics.”

Learn more about the 16th Annual Cancer Research Symposium and view the full list of speakers on the Koch Institute’s website.

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