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Designing Biology for Diagnostics and Therapeutics Lecture


On Tuesday, November 27, join Brigham and Women’s Hospital for the weekly Clinical Pathology Conference lecture series featuring Wyss Core Faculty member Pamela Silver. Pamela Silver is leveraging synthetic biology to build cells that act as sensors, memory devices, and drug delivery agents. Among her recent innovations are bacteria that sense and respond to gut inflammation. Her ultimate goal is to create a 100% synthetic microbiome that has the capacity to detect and cure disease. Other unrelated projects include the Bionic Leaf, which couples sunlight to bioproduction. Join the seminar to learn more!

Directions to the Ramzi Cotran Conference Center, 75 Francis Street, Armory Building, 3rd Floor: Enter the main lobby of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital at 75 Francis Street (the Amory Laboratory Building). Turn right and walk until you see a bank of elevators on the right. Take the Amory elevators to the 3rd floor. On the 3rd floor, turn right off the elevators. The entrance to the “Ramzi Cotran Conference Center” is well-marked and is the first set of double doors on the right (Amory 360.F.1, BWH Pathology).

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