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Discovery of Bio-Instructive Materials

Wyss EventLecture

Please join Dr. Morgan Alexander on Tuesday, May 23, from 4:00pm – 5:00pm as he discusses the development of  bio-instructive materials and his work to improve upon them by screening 3D libraries.

Discovery of Bio-Instructive Materials

The biomaterials found in the clinic today are primarily chosen on the basis of their availability and mechanical properties rather than positive interactions with surrounding cells and tissues. Unfortunately, our understanding of the bio-interface is poor which hinders the design of new and better biomaterials.

By adopting a high throughput materials discovery approach, Dr. Alexander and his team have identified bio-instructive materials with varied characteristics and for a variety of applications such as materials with pro- and anti-inflammatory characteristics towards modulating the human immune system in novel therapies and devices and materials resisting bacterial attachment and biofilm.

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