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Engineered Synergy and Good Fortune, a Winning Combination in HIV Entry Inhibitor Design

Wyss EventLecture

Please join Dr. Jonathan Davis as he discusses the design of a 3-part molecule that inhibits HIV-1 entry, consisting of two Adnectins (selected from large libraries) and one peptide. Dr. Davis will be focusing on the discovery of the components and the significant synergies that emerged when the components were linked together utilizing symmetric and asymmetric synergy. He will discuss the difference between the two types of synergies, and how they can be used in molecular design.

Dr. Davis will also be discussing the selection of one of the components, with particular focus on the design of novel libraries used in the selection, and an analysis of the information content of the resulting molecules. Antiviral in vitro and in vivo results will be shown, demonstrating the fitness of the molecule for advancement to the clinic.

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