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Human Biology: An Exploration of Organs-on-Chips


Biologic drugs comprise 40 percent of the current drug development pipeline. Existing in vitro and animal models are limited in their ability to evaluate the safety and efficacy of these drugs in humans. These limitations often result in development delays and increased costs.

Organs-on-chips emulate human biology by providing a micro-engineered environment lined with living human cells and tissues. Each chip recreates the natural physiology and mechanical forces that cells experience within the human body.

Wyss Founding Director and Core Faculty, Donald E. Ingber, will be a panelist in this digital event that brings together the world’s leading experts for an extensive exploration of how organs-on-chips provide a far more predictive model of human biology. Discover the latest developments of how this advanced technology is transforming therapeutic research. The event will feature informative breakout sessions on neurology, inflammation, infectious diseases, and the future of organs-on-chips.

Witness how new windows open into human biology. Attend the event on alternative in vitro tools.

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