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Xconomy Forum: Robo Madness–The A.I. Explosion


Major advances are happening in robotics and the driving force behind it—artificial intelligence. Now companies of all sizes are using emerging A.I. technologies from deep learning to computer vision to natural language processing to build their businesses—and impact our daily lives. Think Google, Facebook, iRobot, and a whole new generation of startups: the technologies are already starting to transform retail, advertising, social media, transportation, connected homes, and other industries.

But what are the real opportunities and risks for entrepreneurs and investors? How will A.I. and robotics reshape the competitive landscape of business and society? And what can Boston-area innovators do to harness the region’s strengths in technology, talent, and research?

At this special Xconomy conference, hosted by Google, we’ll address these questions—and much more—in a series of interactive talks, chats, and demos.

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