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Industrial Partnerships

The Wyss Institute welcomes corporate partners who share our commitment to innovation, social responsibility, and high-quality research. These industrial collaborations play a central role in achieving our mission of translating lab discoveries into market-ready products and therapies that improve people’s lives and create a more sustainable world.

We seek to create alliances in which our many unique capabilities may be complemented by strong market expertise and presence, and technological depth in a particular industry sector. The insights and innovations that result from these multi-faceted relationships ensure that our development efforts are guided by and address real-world problems, needs, and applications.

We work with each corporate partner to structure an alliance that enables effective collaboration among our whole community of faculty, technical staff, and clinicians from multiple institutions, while also offering the potential to minimize capital investment and reduce technology risk. Venture capitalists and other early stage investors are also invited to contact us about collaboration opportunities.

Wyss projects and programs are made available for collaborative development in partnership with Harvard’s Office of Technology Development (OTD).

To obtain additional information, please contact Angelika Fretzen at

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