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Remco van Erp wins Tata Steel Prize

Remco van Erp wins Tata Steel Prize
Remco van Erp. Credit: Ardi van Erp

Remco van Erp, a former Wyss Institute visiting researcher, has won the Tata Steel Award for his achievements as a graduating master’s student at the University of Eindhoven in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. The prize was awarded by the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities. It honors work completed during his Master’s graduation project at the Wyss Institute, titled “Decoupling sensitivity and dynamic range: electrokinetically driven microfluidic impedance immunosensor with 3D antibody immobilization.”

“Remco developed an innovative microfluidic sensor that uses 3D hydrogels to bind proteins of interest,” said Richard Novak, Senior Staff Engineer at the Wyss Institute, who advised van Erp throughout the project. “This approach has the theoretical ability to design sensors with independently selectable sensitivity and dynamic ranges to meet the demands of a range of biosensing applications such as point of care diagnostics.”

van Erp will receive the prize on Monday, November 27th during a special ceremony in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

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