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Faculty & Leadership

Multinozzel 3D printhead
Image of a dual microvascular multinozzle printhead. High-throughput printing of functional materials using such printheads in planar and three-dimensional motifs would enable numerous applications, including printed electronics and 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering and tissue culture.

The Wyss Institute was initially founded by establishing a Core Faculty composed of 14 faculty from Harvard and its partner institutions who are leaders in the emerging field of Biologically Inspired Engineering. Since then the Institute Core Faculty has increased to 18 members. Eleven Associate Faculty have also joined from the Institute’s Partner Institutions as collaborators on specific projects. The entire Institute enterprise is managed and administered by our director and faculty leadership, with support from the Executive Team, who bring extensive management, financial, and corporate start-up experience into the Wyss community.

Core Faculty

Wyss Institute Core Faculty members are leaders in the field of Biologically Inspired Engineering who hold appointments at Harvard University or one of its Partner Institutions.



Associate Faculty

Wyss Institute Associate Faculty members are faculty members at the Institute's Partner Institutions who carry out critical work at the Wyss Institute sites as key collaborators on specific Wyss-related projects.

Executive Team

The Wyss Institute Executive Team consists of the Director and the Institute’s Administrative and Operations Directors. The team is responsible for Institute administration, financial and research and program development operations.

Operating Committee

The Wyss Institute Operating Committee consists of Core Faculty members who play crucial organizational, scientific, and engineering leadership roles in the Institute. The Committee is chaired by the Director and is currently composed of the leaders of the Institute’s six Enabling Technology Platforms.


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Wyss Institute is proud to announce our win in the 2012
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