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Students, Fellows & Scholars

This colorized, wide-field scanning electron microscope image shows human lung epithelial cells grown within a human lung airway-on-a-chip. These human lung cells regenerate specialized cilia on their upper surfaces (highlighted in blue) that produce beat motions and drive mucous movement on-chip just as they normally do in our lungs where they cleanse our air passages. The airway-on-a-chip is currently being applied to test for new drugs in the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The Institute’s unique interdisciplinary training environment provides the opportunity for undergraduates, graduate students, fellows, and young clinicians to work along side Wyss Institute Core Faculty, Associate Faculty, and Advanced Technology Team members. The interdisciplinary nature of the work, the organization of teams within “collaboratories”, and the presence of outstanding faculty and staff provide a trans-disciplinary environment where students are trained in the emerging field of Biologically Inspired Engineering.

Technology Development Fellows

The Institute’s Technology Development Fellows are passionate about technology translation and have outstanding research achievements and technical skills that help advance the Enabling Technology Platforms. Interested applicants can learn more about this Fellowship here.

Clinical Fellows

The Clinical Fellows at the Institute are outstanding young clinicians with a background and interest in engineering or technology development. Wyss Clinical Fellows help create transformational bioinspired technologies to solve unmet medical needs. Candidates can read more about this Fellowship here.

Postdoctoral Fellows & Students

Undergraduates, graduate students, fellows, and young clinicians work at the Wyss Institute sites and are mentored by Faculty, Associate Faculty, and Advanced Technology Team members. The Institute welcomes student and postdoc applications year-round. More information about postdoctoral positions at the Wyss can be found here.

Visiting Scholars & Other Wyss Affiliates

The Institute provides support to a limited number of visiting scientists, engineers, designers and industrial experts from other institutions to carry out research and development at the Institute for limited periods of time. Visiting scholars require Wyss Faculty nomination.


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