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Architecture of Life
This animation highlights work from the Ingber lab, which has revealed that living cells use tensegrity architecture to control their shape and mechanical properties.
Modular Robot
Living systems constantly remodel themselves in response to their environment. This video by Radhika Nagpal and Chih-Han Yu shows how multimodular robotic systems use distributed sensors and actuators to adapt to the environment, even as it changes. 
Robotic insect
With a tiny carbon fiber body and wings made of thin plastic sheets, this fly, designed by the Wood lab, was inspired by the way real insects move and is capable of lift-off.
Yeast that Count
Using the principles of synthetic biology, researchers in Pamela Silver's laboratory constructed a strain of yeast that counts a single cell division.
Modeling DNA Self-Assembly
William Shih re-enacts self-assembly of a wireframe DNA icosahedron.
DNA Origami-Based Self-Assembly
This animation by Shawn Douglas shows how DNA can be used as a building material to create shapes that are of nanometer dimensions — a scale roughly 1,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.
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