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Technology & Business Development

The shape of a cell is governed by physical interactions between the cell and its extracellular matrix substrate adhesions. By adapting techniques taken from the microchip industry, Institute faculty can create matrix adhesive islands of any size, shape, or position on the scale of individual cells, and cells take on the form of these islands when cultured on these substrates. This image shows hexagonal matrix islands containing single cells, or occasionally two cells, that exhibit hexagonal forms. Importantly, this method was used to demonstrate that the shape of the cell, or degree to which it distorts, governs whether it will grow, differentiate, die, or move in a particular direction.

The Institute’s Business Development and Technology Translation team works closely with Harvard’s Office of Technology Development to advance the Institute’s lead projects and technologies. Each member of the team works with faculty and the Institute’s Advanced Technology Team to bridge the gap between laboratory and commercial opportunity.

Advanced Technology Team

The Advanced Technology Team is a novel component of the Institute that brings technical expertise with extensive industrial experience in product development and team management to the Institute community. This team has training in diverse disciplines including manufacturing, hardware and software engineering, biology, chemistry, systems integration, and, together with the Institute Faculty, they help guide the material and device development efforts of the Enabling Technology Platforms. These technical experts also mentor staff and students in the technology translation and intellectual property areas, help catalyze communications and interactions across the Wyss Institute and beyond.

Research Scientists & Engineers


Research Scientists & Engineers apply their expertise and knowledge across all Institute Platforms and projects. They work closely with faculty and the Advanced Technology Team staff towards finding, developing and evaluating innovative and new approaches in device and material development.


Business Development

The Business Development team works closely with Harvard’s Office of Technology Development to manage intellectual property portfolios, identify licensing and/or startup company opportunities, and develop collaborations and strategic partnerships with industry, clinicians and the business community.


Research Support

The Wyss Institute's Research support team consists of staff with expertise and training across numerous scientific and engineering disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, microfabrication, imaging, manufacturing, and tissue culture. They support the material and device development efforts of the Enabling Technology Platforms, and are critical to the generation of device prototypes and the validation of the Institute's technologies as they are being translated into commercial products and therapies.

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