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Wyss DxA Industrial Participant Program

A collaboration hub between healthcare testing companies and the scientific and clinical community within the Wyss ecosystem, driven by the Wyss Diagnostics Accelerator

Want to join the Wyss DxA IPP?

We are currently seeking new members to join the pilot phase of the Wyss Diagnostics Accelerator Industrial Participant Program. Please get in touch to learn more.

Wyss DxA IPP Contacts

Head of Operations and Outreach
Trey Toombs, Program Director, Brigham Research Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Program Development
Bob Cunningham, Director of Strategic Engagement, Wyss Institute

Gretchen Fougere, Business Development Manager, Wyss Institute

Wyss IPP Advisory Team
Sophie Allauzen, Elliot P. Cowan, Sharon Knight, David Levine, Michael Natan, Jim Niemi, Richard Novak, Mac Strafford

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