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Developing and Integrating Novel Diagnostic Platforms into Newborn Care

Wyss EventLecture

Diagnostics Grand Rounds

Diagnostics Grand Rounds brings clinicians with unmet needs to the Wyss Institute. The goal of these sessions is to inform technology developers about important clinical problems that can help them direct their technology development efforts. Presenters are asked to identify diagnostic needs that will have an impact on the quality of care they deliver.

In this session, Dr. Jill Maron will discuss the unique challenges that the neonatal population presents not only for their caregivers but also for pharmaceutical companies and medical engineers developing therapies for use in this vulnerable population. Historically, there has been a paucity of randomized controlled clinical trials for neonatal therapeutic interventions, and the physical fragility of this patient population combined with their rapid ongoing ex utero development has resulted in technical and feasibility hurdles that have been difficult to overcome. This lecture will focus on clinical problems in need of diagnostic solutions for the newborn and highlight approaches, techniques, and partnerships utilized by the Maron laboratory to address these voids.

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