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Advancing Science and Technology Innovation By Crossing the Art-Science-Design Interface

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Wyss Founding Director Donald E. Ingber, M.D., Ph.D., presented on Advancing Science and Technology Innovation by Crossing the Art-Science-Design Interface at the KAUST Circular Carbon Initiative’s 2021 virtual Winter Enrichment Program.

Ingber discussed his path from a serendipitous experience in an undergraduate art class that led to his discovery of how living cells are constructed using “tensegrity” architecture to his more recent work on human Organ Chips – which offer the possibility of replacing animal testing and advancing personalized medicine. He also describes the burgeoning discipline of Biologically Inspired Engineering and the Wyss Institute mission of solving some of the world’s greatest challenges in medicine and the environment. The work he discussed breaks down boundaries between science, engineering, art, and design and demonstrates that there are no boundaries to creativity.

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