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SLIPS Technologies featured in The Science Coalition’s Sparking Economic Growth report

Report showcases companies that represent success stories in American innovation

SLIPS Technologies featured in The Science Coalition’s Sparking Economic Growth report
SLIPS technology, inspired by the Nepenthes pitcher plant, provides unique capabilities that are unmatched by any other liquid-repellent surface technologies. Credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard University

SLIPS Technologies, Inc. is featured in the third edition of the Sparking Economic Growth report released by The Science Coalition in April, 2017. The Sparking Economic Growth report and accompanying website showcase companies created from federally-funded, university-based research. Each of the 302 companies highlighted in these reports to date demonstrate how the federal government’s investment in basic scientific research fuels U.S. innovation, job creation and economic growth. These reports are shared widely with Congress, the Administration, and media in Washington D.C., and in the past have garnered a lot of attention, particularly on Capitol Hill.

SLIPS Technologies, which spun out of the Wyss Institute in 2014, is working to solve the world’s sticky situations through developing non-stick surfaces for a broad range of industrial, medical and consumer applications. Pioneered at the Wyss by Core Faculty member Joanna Aizenberg, the ‘SLIPS’ technology is a novel coating that repels almost every type of liquid and solid. For example, SLIPS coatings and materials can be used to prevent barnacles from sticking to marine vessels, bacteria from sticking to  medical devices, ice from sticking to heat exchangers, and ketchup from sticking inside the bottle.

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