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Immunoengineering with Dave Mooney – BIOS Podcast

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Wyss Core Faculty member Dave Mooney is a leader in the fields of biomaterials, mechanotransduction, drug delivery, tissue engineering and immunoengineering. He is interested in understanding how cells sense signals in their environment and how this alters cell behavior. His laboratory develops biomaterials that exploit these signals to regulate specific cells and their function. They were the first to demonstrate in 3-D culture that the mechanical properties of a substrate regulated stem cell fate. His lab also developed the first implantable biomaterial cancer vaccine that contained biochemical cues to recruit and re-educate the immune system to destroy cancer cells. Mooney’s goal is to use our knowledge of cell biology in conjunction with materials to boost therapeutic effects.

Mooney is also the Robert Pinkas Family Professor of Bioengineering in the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He is a member of several national academies and has won numerous awards for his research and his mentorship/teaching. He has published over 400 articles and has been issued numerous patents, several of which have been licensed to companies, resulting in successful commercial products. He is also an active member in major engineering professional societies, an editorial advisor to multiple journals, and serves on several industry and government advisory boards.

BIOS unites a community of Life Science innovators dedicated to driving patient impact. Alix Ventures is a San Francisco based venture capital firm supporting early stage Life Science startups engineering biology to create radical advances in human health.

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