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Pop-Up Challenge: Help Revolutionize Pop-Up Robotics

Join the Wyss Institute Popup Challenge, a design contest based around the laminate design techniques outlined at

What is popupCAD?
popupCAD is a program which makes it incredibly easy to make multi-layer design files. popupCAD designs generally end up being cut out by a laser cutter, 3D printer, or CNC Mill.

How does it work?
popupCAD allows you to operate between all of your design layers at once, using standard constructive solid geometry(CSG) operations. Operations such as union, intersection, and difference form the core of how you create new geometries from existing ones.


We hope to grow the community of people who can design, build, and operate laminate devices and micromechanisms. If you are a student considering using popups for a class project, a researcher who has an application for a new robot, or simply want to learn about the process, then consider submitting your design to the contest!

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