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WikiCell design wins award

WikiCell Designs Inc., the brainchild of Wyss Core Faculty member David Edwards, just received the prestigious Special Jury Award for Innovation at SIAL Paris, the leading global food industry conference.

“We’ve developed a technology that envelopes foods and beverages in natural edible packages and is very similar to how nature packages fruits and vegetables,” said David Edwards, who is also a professor at Harvard University and founder of ArtScience Labs. “But unlike the skin of a grape or orange we can deliver flavors, other food products and even nutritional elements with our “wrapper,” enhancing the eating experience quite significantly.”

WikiCell Designs, which has offices in Cambridge, MA, and Paris, France, is developing deliciously edible forms of food and beverage packaging — and has thus far demonstrated WikiCell ice creams, yoghurts, cheeses, and a variety of drinks including coffee, cocktails and juices. The company anticipates the introduction of the first WikiCell wrapped products in 2013 at the WikiBar in Paris, which is now open for consumer testing and private events.

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