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Sep 17, 2015 Programmable biofilm-based materials from engineered curli nanofibres. Nguyen PQ, Botyanszki Z, Tay PK, Joshi NSNature Communication
Sep 26, 2014 3D Printing: Embedded 3D Printing of Strain Sensors within Highly Stretchable Elastomers Muth JT, Vogt DM, Truby RL, Mengüç Y, Kolesky DB, Wood RJ, Lewis JAAdvanced Materials
Sep 23, 2014 Dynamical glucometry: Use of multiscale entropy analysis in diabetes Madalena D. Costa, Teresa Henriques, Medha N. Munshi, Alissa R. Segal, and Ary L. GoldbergerChaos
Sep 21, 2014 Multiplex single-molecule interaction profiling of DNA-barcoded proteins. Gu L, Li C, Aach J, Hill DE, Vidal M, Church GMNature
Sep 17, 2014 Pattern formation of charged particles in an electric field. Lin T, Rubinstein S, Korchev A, Weitz DALangmuir
Sep 15, 2014 Shear-Thinning Nanocomposite Hydrogels for the Treatment of Hemorrhage. Gaharwar AK, Avery RK, Assmann A, Paul A, McKinley GH, Khademhosseini A, Olsen BDACS Nano
Sep 14, 2014 An extracorporeal blood-cleansing device for sepsis therapy. Kang JH, Super M, Yung CW, Cooper RM, Domansky K, Graveline AR, Mammoto T, Berthet JB, Tobin H, Cartwright MJ, Watters AL, Rottman M, Waterhouse A, Mammoto A, Gamini N, Rodas MJ, Kole A, Jiang A, Valentin TM, Diaz A, Takahashi K, Ingber DENature Medicine
Sep 11, 2014 Engineering Shadows to Fabricate Optical Metasurfaces. Nemiroski A, Gonidec M, Fox JM, Jean-Remy P, Turnage E, Whitesides GMACS Nano
Sep 10, 2014 Microfluidics-assisted engineering of polymeric microcapsules with high encapsulation efficiency for protein drug delivery. Pessi J, Santos HA, Miroshnyk I, JoukoYliruusi , Weitz DA, Mirza SInternational Journal of Pharmaceutics
Sep 10, 2014 Unraveling the Physiological Complexities of Antibiotic Lethality. Dwyer DJ, Collins JJ, Walker GCAnnual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Sep 9, 2014 Unique nucleotide sequence-guided assembly of repetitive DNA parts for synthetic biology applications. Torella JP, Lienert F, Boehm CR, Chen JH, Way JC, Silver PANature Protocols
Sep 9, 2014 Charging of Multiple Interacting Particles by Contact Electrification. Soh S, Liu H, Cademartiri R, Yoon HJ, Whitesides GMJournal of the American Chemical Society
Sep 8, 2014 Paper-Based Potentiometric Ion Sensing. Lan W, Zou XU, Hamedi MM, Hu J, Parolo C, Maxwell EJ, Buhlmann P, Whitesides GMAnalytical Chemistry
Sep 7, 2014 A proprioceptive neuromechanical theory of crawling. Paoletti P, Mahadevan LProceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences
Sep 7, 2014 The dynamics of sperm cooperation in a competitive environment. Fisher HS, Giomi L, Hoekstra HE, Mahadevan LProceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences
Sep 5, 2014 3D Printing: 3D-Printing of Lightweight Cellular Composites Compton BG, Lewis JAAdvanced Materials
Sep 3, 2014 Siphon-driven microfluidic passive pump with a yarn flow resistance controller. Jeong GS, Oh J, Kim SB, Dokmeci MR, Bae H, Lee SH, Khademhosseini ALab on a Chip
Sep 3, 2014 Reprogramming the specificity of sortase enzymes. Dorr BM, Ham HO, An C, Chaikof EL, Liu DRPNAS
Sep 2, 2014 Improved cell-free RNA and protein synthesis system. Li J, Gu L, Aach J, Church GMPLoS One
Sep 2, 2014 Density-based separation in multiphase systems provides a simple method to identify sickle cell disease. Kumar AA, Patton MR, Hennek JW, Lee SY, D'Alesio-Spina G, Yang X, Kanter J, Shevkoplyas SS, Brugnara C, Whitesides GMPNAS
Sep 2, 2014 Primed 3D injectable microniches enabling low-dosage cell therapy for critical limb ischemia. Li Y, Liu W, Liu F, Zeng Y, Zuo S, Feng S, Qi C, Wang B, Yan X, Khademhosseini A, Bai J, Du YPNAS
Sep 1, 2014 The Role of Mechanotransduction on Vascular Smooth Muscle Myocytes Cytoskeleton and Contractile Function Ye GJ, Nesmith AP, Parker KKAnatomical Record
Sep 1, 2014 A Compressible Scaffold for Minimally Invasive Delivery Of Large Intact Neuronal Networks. Béduer A, Braschler T, Peric O, Fantner GE, Mosser S, Fraering PC, Benchérif S, Mooney DJ, Renaud PAdvanced Healthcare Materials
Aug 28, 2014 Cross-kingdom chemical communication drives a heritable, mutually beneficial prion-based transformation of metabolism. Jarosz DF, Brown JC, Walker GA, Datta MS, Ung WL, Lancaster AK, Rotem A, Chang A, Newby GA, Weitz DA, Bisson LF, Lindquist SCell
Aug 28, 2014 The Naked Mole Rat Genome Resource: facilitating analyses of cancer and longevity-related adaptations. Keane M, Craig T, Alfoldi J, Berlin AM, Johnson J, Seluanov A, Gorbunova V, Di Palma F, Lindblad-Toh K, Church GM, de Magalhaes JPBioinformatics
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