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Bridging the Gap Symposium


The GSAS Harvard Biotechnology Club 20th anniversary symposium will celebrate 20 years of student-driven connections between academia and industry. This meeting will highlight seminal achievements in biotech innovation and commercialization that have occurred since the inception of the club in 1999, especially those which have made a measurable impact on patients’ lives. A theme of fostered collaboration between industry and academia will be emphasized, with panels covering the work of entrepreneurial academic investigators and the bond of information transfer between academia and industry. Keynote speakers will provide outlooks on the unique roles of academia and industry in the ecosystem of biotechnology, and will feature Dean George Daley of Harvard Medical School, RA Capital Founder and Managing Director Peter Kolchinsky, and Vertex EVP & CSO David Altshuler. The GSAS Harvard Biotechnology Club is excited to host this meeting as one of its premier initiatives for students seeking futures in biotechnology.

Wyss Faculty members George Church, David Walt, Pamela Silver, and Sangeeta Bhatia will be speaking on a discussion panel called, “Perspectives from Entrepreneurial PIs.”

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