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Of Mice and Massage with Dr. Bo Ri Seo

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You know those people who say you can’t change tissue? Well Wyss Postdoctoral Fellow Bo Ri Seo explains otherwise on this episode of BodyTalk.  She is the lead writer on an exciting paper.

Dr. Bo Ri Seo is a biomedical engineer who has been studying mechanobiology and mechanotherapy to develop therapeutic strategies for cancer and tissue regeneration. Her research interests are in tissue microenvironment engineering and regenerative immunoengineering. Her recent work has focused on understanding the immunoregulatory roles of mechanical loading on improving skeletal muscle regeneration as well as the impacts of physicochemical cues in stem cell division at a single cell level as a postdoctoral research fellow at Dr. David Mooney’s group at Harvard University and Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering. Prior to joining Mooney group at Harvard, Dr. Seo received her bachelor’s degree from Korea University in Seoul, South Korea, and obtained her doctoral degree under the mentorship of Dr. Claudia Fischbach in Biomedical Engineering at Cornell University. She recently joined Takeda as research scientist.

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