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EverActive: Strength Tracking Sensor for Sustainable Personalized Training

Novel sensor and algorithms enable affordable quantification of strength training and highly personalized guidance

Exercise is key to good health, where aerobic and strength training are the two essential types. Industry has developed a number of aids and appliances ranging from sports watches to large stationary equipment to help track aerobic activities. Meanwhile, people still have to record manually their strength workouts and only few can do it, as this requires consistency. With an absence of data, there is a lack of guidance and feedback, which creates a barrier for a majority of population to start or adhere to strength training. A recent report from the National Center for Health Statistics (CDC) shows that about 53%  of adults aged 18 and over meet the guidelines for aerobic activities, and only about 23% for both strength and aerobic training.

EverActive: Strength Tracking Sensor for Sustainable Personalized Training
The low-cost sensor, when clipped on to a resistance band or worn on the body, tracks strength, and helps generate data that are used by an algorithm to design personalized training programs (left). EverActive’s sensor technology (right) integrates continuous monitoring of strength performance (Assessment) by users, and generating personalized programs (Guidance) that can be readily updated and followed in community settings (Community) into a seamless fitness concept. Credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard University

Researchers, wearable technology experts, industrial designers, and exercise scientists from Harvard’s Wyss Institute and BioDesign Lab have developed a low-cost single sensor capable to track strength, functional training exercises as well as commonly available aerobic that overcomes these barriers.  The sensor, clipped on to a resistance band or worn on the body, generates unique data and trains algorithms, implemented in the app, to enable:

  • Holistic fitness assessment in compliance with the industry standards
  • Rapidly generated personalized training programs
  • Seamless monitoring of each exercise and progress tracking

This technology has a potential to guide and engage a growing population of people exercising at home and while traveling and unite them in effort-oriented communities to bring support and motivational energy in the daily life.

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