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Reimagine the World

If you could reimagine the world, what would it look like?

Four Wyss Institute scientists, Mariana Garcia-Corral, Pawan Jolly, Megan Sperry, and Mike Super, share how they would Reimagine the World and the personal stories that fuel their passion for the work they are doing. Credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard University

Beginning in Fall 2022, we are asking our Wyss community – our Faculty, staff, collaborators, partners, and external supporters – “If you could reimagine the world, what would it look like?”

Every day Wyss members work to reimagine a world where anything is possible. It’s a world of scientific discovery, imagination, and reality, where diseases are cured, global warming is reversed, pandemics are prevented, and lives are ultimately changed for the better. The possibilities that we are working to realize through our science and engineering are as boundless as our imaginations.

So, what if you could reimagine the world? What would your wish be? What would you change and why? What scientific advancements would you want to see realized in your lifetime or that of your children? Tell us and we’ll tell you how we’re working to make your reimagined world possible. Through these stories, we will share the progress the Wyss Institute is making toward solving seemingly impossible challenges, as well as serve as a catalyst for even more positive change in the world.



Reimagine the World

Share your story

At the Wyss Institute, we reimagine the world as we’d like to see it, and use science and technology to make that image come to life. We want to know how YOU would reimagine the world. What would you change, and why? What needs would be met? What injustices would be corrected? We’d like to hear your story.


Mariana Garcia-Corral is Research Assistant studying brain organoids to help with the treatment of bipolar disorder. In this video, she shares a poignant personal story about her grandfather suffering from Lewy body dementia and how she would Reimagine the World with better neurodegenerative disease treatment. Credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard University
Pawan Jolly is a Senior Staff Scientist leading the Sensors team to help develop better diagnostics for various illnesses and allergies. He also serves as the technology lead for the Wyss Diagnostics Accelerator. In this video, he shares a heartfelt personal story about his mom who suffers from severe allergies and how he would Reimagine the World with better diagnostics for her. Credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard University
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