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Engineered Live Biotherapeutic Product (eLBP) to Protect the Microbiome from Antibiotics

Synthetic biology-driven eLBP as a safe, effective, and inexpensive co-therapy that prevents the loss of health-essential microbial species in the gut during antibiotic treatments

Interested in this technology?

The eLBP team is currently seeking partners in academia and industry to collaborate on further developments.


Living Cellular Devices

Key Features
  • Engineered Live Biotherapeutic Product (eLBP) that can be taken as a safe, oral co-treatment with antibiotics
  • Degrades β-lactam antibiotics in the intestinal tract to preserve the microbial balance, while leaving antibiotic concentrations in the blood unchanged
  • Prevents the spread of antibiotic resistance
  • Simple to manufacture, store, and distribute
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