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directEsense: Revolutionizing Animal Diagnostic Testing at the Point-of-Care

Electrochemical biosensors coated with novel surface chemistry dramatically simplify development of portable diagnostics with potential to detect many disease biomarkers

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The team is currently looking for partners to commercialize the directEsense technology for diagnostic markets.


Bioinspired Therapeutics & Diagnostics

Technology Development Team
Key Features:
  • Robust, highly accurate, and low-cost point-of-care (POC) diagnostic technology that can be easily extended to various disease biomarkers in animal healthcare, with future potential for human and environmental diagnostics
  • Electrochemical sensor assays performed in hand-held devices
  • Simple yet highly sensitive and specific label-free direct detection of antibody-antigen interactions enabled by novel surface chemistry
  • Minimal wash and reagent steps reduce complexity of assay and device development
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