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CogniXense: A Platform for Rapid Drug Repurposing

Highly scalable biological model platform using tadpoles that can analyze human genetic diseases and facilitate drug screening

Interested in CogniXense?

The team at the Wyss Institute has significantly de-risked this technology and is currently seeking collaborators and/or investors to drive it toward commercialization.


Bioinspired Therapeutics and Diagnostics

Faculty Leads
Key Features
  • Platform combines predictive algorithms, a tadpole-based drug screening system, and an iterative discovery process for rapid preclinical testing
  • High-throughput system can analyze up to 1,000 live tadpole models simultaneously and non-invasively, providing whole-organism cognitive, behavioral, and physiological data
  • Platform is target-agnostic, allowing it to be used to identify existing and novel drugs for many diseases
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