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Passive Directional Valve Technology: Towards More User-friendly and Accessible Microfluidic Devices for Diagnostic and Research Applications

Passive directional valves dramatically increase control over fluid flow and handling without need for external peripherals and power sources

Interested in licensing this technology?

We are currently seeking to license the passive microfluidic valve technology to facilitate a broad variety of new microfluidic applications across diverse areas of research and diagnostics.


Bioinspired Therapeutics & Diagnostics

Technology Development Team
Key Features
  • Passive microfluidic valves enable automated instrumentation-free fluid transport in diverse microfluidic devices through channels that can vary in length or shape
  • Function as programmable capillary elements to facilitate the sequential movement, processing, analysis, and storage of diverse biological and clinical samples and tissue culture media in regionally distinct functional compartments of microfluidic devices
  • Distinct valve geometries and patterned layers of hydrophilic and hydrophobic films disposed on the substrate enable a diversity of valve functions
  • Potential for enabling next-generation multiplexed clinical and point-of-care diagnostics, and advanced “Lab-on-Chip” systems
  • Can be easily fabricated and integrated with existing microfluidic elements
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