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High Density Information Storage in DNA

A method for large-scale, affordable DNA synthesis provides a new form of robust, high density, information storage with read-write capability

A new method developed at the Wyss Institute allows for synthesis of oligonucleotides by the thousands on a single DNA microchip — a collection of thousands of different DNA segments attached to a glass slide or other solid surface.

Until now, generating long strands of DNA has been challenging and labor-intensive. Yet Wyss researchers have advanced DNA synthesis capabilities making inexpensive gene synthesis a tangible reality, allowing for faster progress in DNA information storage, biology and bioengineering. About four grams of DNA could be used to store the digital data produced by all humans in one year, using binary code to preserve digital text, images, and formatting, before converting into ATGC code. DNA, which is extremely long lasting and stable at room temperature, provides an extremely dense format for information storage.

This technology is available for licensing.

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