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Disruptive: Mechanotherapeutics – From Drugs to Wearables

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Disruptive: Mechanotherapeutics – From Drugs to Wearables

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Mechanobiology reveals insights into how the body’s physical forces and mechanics impact development, physiological health, and prevention and treatment of disease. The emerging field of Mechanotherapeutics leverages these insights towards the development of new types of pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems, engineered tissues, and wearable therapeutic devices that leverage physical forces or target mechanical signaling pathways as a core part of their mechanism of action.

In this episode of Disruptive, Wyss Core Faculty members Don Ingber, Dave Mooney, and Conor Walsh discuss the latest directions in Mechanotherapeutics. Along with leading researchers from around the globe, representing diverse disciplines, Ingber, Mooney, and Walsh presented at the Wyss Institute’s 7th annual symposium. Speakers provided numerous examples of how mechanics are being harnessed in ways that can transform the future of medicine – from drugs to wearables.

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